• Buffalo milk is the main source of premium dairy milk for millions around the world
  • Buffalo milk has 58% more calcium, 40% more protein, 43% less cholesterol,
  • Buffalo milk properties, in most cases, make it more digestible than cow milk for people who suffer from allergies and lactose intolerance.
  • Buffalo milk is smoother, creamier and sweeter than cow milk.
  • Buffalo milk makes the most expensive Italian cheeses.

Our gelatos are made every day with our fresh Water Buffalo milk without additives or preservatives with only 50% less fat and 32% less sugar than any other premium ice cream in the market and are infused with all natural ingredients to ensure rich, thick and creamy Italian style ice cream that is extremely unsurpassed in smoothness, texture and flavor and a mouthful of purity that is a class by itself.

Fresh, authentic cheese delicacy

Morsey's Mozzarella di Bufala

If you thought that mozzarella cheese was a taste from heaven, take it a step further and experience Buffalo mozzarella (Mozzarella di bufala). There is nothing more tastier on your salad or fresh baked pizza than the authentic delicacy of that cheese which originated in the south of Italy, it’s only ingredient is fresh buffalo milk.

Decadent and Creamy

Morsey's Burrata di Bufala

Our Burrata di Bufala combines a creamy interior of stracciatella and cream inside a thin pouch of fresh mozzarella made with the milk of our water buffalo and cow’s milk. This decadent treat is tied at the top with string.

Only Natural

Morsey's Creamery Pasteurized Water Buffalo Milk

The Water Buffalo Milk is considered by millions to be the finest creamiest and healthiest milk on the planet where millions enjoy the health Benefits and to top it all it is an alternative to many people who are allergic to cow milk To guarantee the milk we produce is pure, we never use hormones or antibiotics and only feed our cattle fresh grass and hay. We take great pride in providing the highest standards of care for our buffalo. This ensures their well-being and allows us to produce superior quality dairy products for everyone to enjoy.

Discover Morsey’s Creamery, where guests enjoy artisanal style gelatos, homemade yogurts, Mozzarella and Burrata di Bufala and pasteurized milk made from the richest, smoothest, healthiest and most delicious milk available on the Planet.

Produced at our very own Morsey’s Farms in Northern California, our Gelato and dairy products are made fresh daily from the finest quality Water Buffalo milk available in the country. Our creamery is the first of its kind to offer premium products made from this unique milk source, allowing us to achieve delicious, rich, and deep flavor profiles not found in traditional Gelato and other dairy products.

Water Buffalo milk also provides guests with a healthier and more nourishing alternative over today’s standard dairy offerings, making Morsey’s Creamery an indulgent treat everyone can feel good and happy about.

Water Buffalo are amazing animals, providing milk, cheese and to millions of people throughout the world specially in India, Pakistan, Egypt the Balkans and Italy. They are sensitive and docile creatures and only thrive in a safe, nurturing and healthy environment. To produce milk, Water Buffalo must be in a relaxed atmosphere and feel comfortable with the people interacting with them.

Our Water Buffalo are very important to us. They come from a direct lineage of the finest Italian Water Buffalo herds in the world. We treat them with respect and care about them deeply. This relationship builds trust between us and the animals, allowing Morsey’s Farms to successfully produce milk in quantities that others have been unable to achieve.

Our level of care for the herds and dedication to quality, have allowed us to partner with UC Davis to become the largest USDA Certified Water Buffalo milk producer in the country. Through this relationship, Morsey’s Farms produces a line of artisanal dairy products that include rich creams, butter, cheeses, gelatos and yogurt.

Morsey’s Farms is proud to produce the finest Water Buffalo dairy products in the country and is honored to share their delicious flavor profiles we serve in our creameries. Since our dairy products are made exclusively for our own use, Morsey’s Farmhouse Creamery is able to provide guests with a culinary experience that cannot be duplicated elsewhere in the country.